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Hope for Mankind? - It’s not quite over

As the core temperature of the earth keeps rising, mankind tries to find short term solutions to bury the problem. One concept that a lot of time, effort, and expenses have been invested into is Carbon Capture Storage. The basic idea is to remove as much Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere as possible by burying it in a sustainable manner.

Why is carbon dioxide so dangerous and if it is, aren't trees responsible for taking it in? Carbon

dioxide is a gas commonly known as CO2, it plays many crucial roles in the atmosphere. One of the main ones being photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a process in which plants transform light energy into chemical energy and in order to do so, carbon dioxide is needed to complete this process. Another major role that it plays in our environment is the absorption of infrared radiation. A molecule of carbon dioxide consists of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms by covalent bonding. To put in simple terms, it means that they bind to each other through a shared pair of electrons. These atoms vibrate until the frequency is matched which allows it to trap heat from the atmosphere making it less dense. Hence, CO2 greatly influences the amount of radiation that escapes.