How do I become a writer?

Email us at with: 1. Why you are interested in joining alkene and botany 2. Your grade level, e.g Freshman (9), Sophomore (10), Junior (11), Senior (12), and the name of your school. If you have graduated/ are in university, include your major and University name. If you have graduated, please include your company name. 3. Submit an article you have written before, or, write an article about what intrigues you about current scientific discoveries/ advancements. Word limit: 800 max.

When are articles published?

Each year we publish 6 rounds of articles. One round every 2 months.

What type of article can I submit?

You are able to write an article on any area related to biology or chemistry. Please email to have your article proposal approved before writing.

How long should the articles be?

Articles should be around 800 - 1000 words.