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"Alkene and Botany aims to adopt UWC's values to unite individuals across the world who are inspired by science, pushing forth the idea that anyone anywhere can be a part of a STEM movement"


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This site is a virtual space where our students can show that values, ethics, and a human-centered approach to developments in STEM are possible. Here you will see students developing their critical literacies and contributing to a more nuanced understanding of truth in science and technology.


I hope many young people across the movement and beyond embrace Vrinda’s invitation to be part of this dialogue. You can create change and set a new direction for developments in STEM!

Rebecca Butterworth, High school Principal (UWCSEA Dover)

This site was created to allow freedom of expression for students to explore topics in Biochemistry which truly fascinate them. Here, the students are able to express themselves through their writing and be more involved with a field of STEM.

My aspiration with this magazine is that other individuals will be able to enrich their knowledge regarding the fields of biology and chemistry, and understand anyone can become a part of these areas of knowledge. 

I am extremely grateful for all of the guidance I have received on this journey from my mentor Rachel Ingram, without which this magazine would have been impossible to run. Furthermore, I would like to extend my gratitude to my incredible writers, for their passion and dedication to this magazine.


Vrinda Jain, Founder of Alkene and Botany

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